Scripts help a lot. And as a good dummies I wasted long times trying to make things impossible with the internal OFPeditor, things that are so easy to do with a few script.(others don't laught, here you are on OFP-D)

The thing I think it lacks in Ofpeditor is a "move on my position" function, very usefull for extraction, or for a "looks-real" airstrike.Here are a few scripts inside demo missions to download which would help some of us I think.

1.Using a script

To lauch a script, the script file (*.sqs) must be in you mission folder (before you export it)
Then in a initiation case (of a trigger or a move) type this.

[player] exec "*.sqs"

It is better to use player because there'll be always a player, but the best is to use the name of the unit you want actually perform the script. (for dummies of dummies, the * means "type everything you want")

And that's all. Now here are bellow a few demo of thing I mixted or modified to suit to my needs :

Evac/extract Call Vietnam Huey Call Uh60 Call Mil-17
Air Strike Call F4-Phantom napalm / Strike* Call Sukkoi 25 Strike  
Air Support Call Mil-24 on your pos** Call Cobra  
Armored Support US M1A1 Support T-80 Support  
Call Infanterie Support Soviet troops / Mech Infantry    
Call Artillery All kind of artillery    

* require the F4-Phantom (see vietpack page) and the napalm addon (see OfpCZ)
** exept this one all scripts require ofp1.85...


2.Editing/modifiing a script

Well... this is the part I am not a expert.... What can I say, and advise, is to have a look to the script I modified, take a look in another hand to the OfpRef list (list all the command) and try understanding something... :) I did a little so you will too.
this is a example (comment in red, delete it if you use it), to make a vehicule comes on your current position (activated in a triger or a move) ::

t setFormation "COLUMN"
t setBehaviour "aware"
t setCombatMode "yellow"
t setSpeedMode "full"
t1 flyinheight 30
t2 flyinheight 40
t is the name of 2 Mil24 squad, you can change it in other units. The command above change its behaviour
t1 sideChat "Mil-24 On the way -out"

"target" setMarkerPos (getpos player1)
"target" setMarkerType "flag"
"target" setMarkerColor "Colorred"
Target in the name (NAME, not the contents) of a mapmarker. the command move the marker to the position of player1- I guess you can put a other name if it exist
t move (getMarkerPos "target")

@ unitReady t1
the @ unitready make the script wait the unit execute the command above (here the move)
t1 sideChat "Mi-24 suporting ground units-out"
t setBehaviour "combat"
t setCombatMode "red"
t setSpeedMode "full"
t setFormation "WEDGE"
Same as the first comment

3 setRadioMsg "M-17 Support over"

I am not sure you have to put this exit at the end, but my intuition tells me it's better to put it anyway :)

;Airstrike 1.2 - an OFP script by Skumball
;(thanks to Viriato for making the bombs fall better :)
;(thanks to LCD for incorporating the script into the radio)