OFP-D : for people who (like me) don't know a lot and try to make with what they have and what they can get.



You all could noticed that I used most of your work, in the various pack I had the pretention to write I made. I always tried to put your credits, the name of the maker, or at less the name of the original addon's it was based on. It is the way I started making addons : by understanding what and how peoples are mading addon and trying to do the same things. I don't intend to make something better, neither to have my name known by the community or to boost my poor lycos hosted site. I first made things to suit my needs when I was playing OFP. But as times passed by, I took some pleasure of it, found I could also share the modifications I made with others ; and OFP-D was born.

In the packs, I sometime just changed the flag texture and crew of other's original addon. I claim it is not copying or stealing addons and I want you to agree of it too. A contrario, it's a way to make the great work of talented addons maker a standard and a reference, and considering it equal to the original BIS model. It is also giving another life to these models. (ie transforming Soviet ones into NVA or North-Korean one)

I never put my name or tag like that in the addon "ingame" name or in the PBO name, just the model names. Also because I don't fell great when your officer in game told you he spot a "[@adel]\\ad**3##]PFORL soldier at 12o'clock ". I always tried to put the credit ether on the OFP-D site next to the download link, or on the readme inside the pack. I hope this is allright with you. I presume that as long I as don't claim to be the maker of YOUR job (and now I know the time it takes to make a working addons), you are ok to let me change the crew, ingame name, and some small changes.

If not, don't be nervous, contact me ASAP and we'll find a way to make everything OK, before preventive strikes.