@OFPD minimod


Tired of downloading 400 Mb plus the 100 Mb for the v2.35 patch to ugrade your OFP ? Try the @ofpd realism minimod (1.91 Mb only) ! It's sizefriendly, CPUfriendly, MPfriendly and use at the max the possibility of original OFP config variables to rebalance the specifities of vehicles, weapons and relation to the landscape, roads and fuel.


...if you want still more, @OFPD is now vailable in two flavors :

the always famous light version (now called @ofpd-) and a new enhanced one (@ofpd+).



DOWNLOAD @OFPD minus version (v2.0) :

HERE (ofpd.org) [1,91 Mb - RAR]


DOWNLOAD @OFPD plus version (v2.5) :

HERE (ofpd.org) [38,5 Mb - RAR]


Screenshots here


* * *

CONTENTS of @OFPD- v2.0 and @OFPD+ v2.5 :

(Values are the same and 100% compatible in MP, no tricks)


In both versions :

*Weapons and ammo
- All weapons' tracers set to yellow.
- Smaller zoom when aiming with weapons that have no scope.
RPG's & AT's :
- RPG/grenades take 1 instead of 2 (soldiers payload adapted).
- LAW and RPG firepower reduced, RPG reloading time longer than LAW.
- RPG Nh-75 3d model changed for RPG-7 model by Kegetis.
- 2 AT4 Spigot can be carried by 1 soldier.
- RPG's & LAW's can engage flying targets.
Rifles :
- Burst removed for AK47, AK74 & AK74-SU.
- Burst added for HK.
- burst sound added for M16 and HK.
- FDF based recoil reconfiguration.
- Aiming precision and dispertion (slightly, not like jam HD) changed this way :
AK47<AK74, AK74su<AK74, AK74<M16 / M4<M16, HK<M16&M4 / PK<AK74, M60<M16 and PK<M60.
- Engagement distances modified.
- PK & M60 can engage flying target.
- M16 & M4 can use same magazines.
- Zoom added on SVD Dragunov.
- Mounted East MG (M2) replaced by mounted PK.
- Bizon changed for Ak74su silenced, with less accuracy than AK74su.
- M60 model : name and magazine changed for M249 saw using M16/M4 bullets (known bug : magazine picture may not be loaded because original magazine m60 is changed for m60mag. Both work fine but put m60mag in your init file (ie this addmagazine M60mag) to have the right picture in game).
Grenades :
- Smoke grenades are now effective toward AI (script from BAS / JAM2) AND human player.
- Smaller reload time for handgrenades.
- Handgrenades range slightly longer.
- Grenades and mortars (on rifles) range longer and cheaper (AI use it more often).

- BMPs' & M113s' armours are weaker.
- BMP1&2's 3d models rescaled.
- M2A2 can cross water, armor increased.
- Run lightly slower.
- Formation distance increased.
- M1A1 has stronger firepower and armour than T80 (but not that much).
- T72 less armoured.
- Sabot has a very small indirect fire range compare to HEAT that have a bigger one
Air :
- Flarescript on OFP planes (ofpd_FlareP) and helicopters (ofpd_FlareH).
- Power of Mi-24 gun reduced, stronger armour, higher speed and double payload.
- Fuel tanks of vehicules have been largely reduced (note : UH-60 with external tanks has a longer range than the MG ones).
- A10 armor increased.

*Men :
- overall walking speed of men reduced.
- Speed of snipers & blackops/specnatzs are higher than standard soldiers, speed of heavy weapon soldiers (MG, RPG/law, AA/AT) is lower.
- Sensibility (sight & hearing) higher for soldiers.
- Formation distance larger for soldiers, very small for civilians.

*Misc :
- Soviet SAM less accurate than US one.
- US Air Sol Missiles more accurate than Soviet ones. Mi-24 ones are far less effective if you're not at low speed and aligned on target. AH64 hellfires are smarter.
- FDF's high smoke on armoured and every destroyed building.
- Thick smoke (thx @ sanctuary) on destroyed fuel truck and stations.
- ECP explosion config.
- Roughness of soils reconfigured : geting off the road, on the field, driving on sand of rocks is now harder... especially when under fire.
- Bushes and rocks removed from map, only building, tree and levels are maintained.
- WGL compas.

In @ofpd+ only (models change, see credits and thanks below) :

- AT4 spigot changed for RPG-16.
- Carl Gustav changed for AT-4.
- All BIS OFP-CWC arms changed for INQ and ICP (rpg/dragunov/PK) ones with paa textures (no jpg) and with reduced definition (256*256 at max).
- US soldiers (except crew and pilots).
- Soviet soldiers (except crew and pilots).
- Ural trucks.
- 5t trucks.
- Mi17.
- Mi24.
- UH60 and UH60 mg.
- Sounds of soundbis for after CWC BIS addons.

Changes from @ofpd+ v2.0 to v2.5 :
- Implement of ECP NVgoogles
- Increased firing rate for m4 and m249
- Addons renamed to enable compatibility : @HYK_USsol and @SFM_Ural (also models lightly modified, more lod added on Sfm ural, etc.)
- Always 100% MP friendly

See readme.txt for installation details.

Many thanks to :
- FDF team (recoil and high smoke script)
- ECP team (explosion config)
- Keygetis (RPG7 model)
- Jam3 AT4
- Wgl compas
- ICP's Soviet Era soldiers
- ICP's Rpg7 & RPG16
- ICP's dragunov and PK MG
- Inquisitor weapon pack
- MP Nato truck
- OWP Mi8 "BIS mi17" model and textures
- SFM Ural's
- SoundBis of Insane Battlefield sound pack
- OFrP team (drop line of flare script)
- Sanctuary (drop line of smoke script)
- CSLA team (UH60 model)
- FFUR's RSH (Mi24)
- Hyakkushiki (US soldier model)