Soviet PACK


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SpetzNatz soldier equiped with variant original OFP weapon and tools, medic, Scorpion and require Combat swimsuit from COC, it's just for the leasy ones like me who are bore to type in the init field

- Paratroopers : soviet paratroopers armed with Bizon and various equipment, the "DropParatroopers" can to be set as flying

- EAST\armoredAI
It's BMP, BMP2, T72 and T80 set with only 2AI (driver+gunner) for 6 tank group or with 1AI(driver) to enable 12 Tanks groups. For best use, put 1 or 2 original tanks (with driver-gunner-commander) and the rest in 1 ou 2 AI, to have an increased fire power and radar spot of 1 or 2 commanders

- EAST\Air Support
It's a set of reconfigured Kamov50(original V-80), Mi24 and Mi-17:

-Kamov50(CAP) : Combat Air Patrol, equiped with 12 AA-11 AA missiles (+canonHE/AP)
-Kamov50(CAS) : Combat Air Support, original one + 2 AA-11
-Kamov50(heavyAttack) : No AT6 but 192 rockets and 2 AA-11 (+canonHE/AP)

-Mi-24(CAP) : MG, 8 AA-11 instead of AT6, only 4 soldiercargo, but with 1 reload for each weapon,little bit more strong armor (same for all Mi-24)
-Mi-24(CAS) : MG, 6 AT6-C, 2AA-11 + rocket and Gun
-Mi-24(HeavyAttack) : FiX30mmgun + 192rockets + 2AA-11
-Mi-24(Fab-250) : MGUN + 2AA-11 + 4Fab-250bomb (better launch it from above 120m)

-Mi-8T : Same as original Mi-17 but capable 24 soldiers of cargo, and FixMG enabled
-Mi-8MT : Combat version of Mi-8T: MG, 64Rockets,8Fab-250(better launch it from above 120m), 2AA-11missiles, all with 1 reload
-Mi-8 Medic : Support:healing support, 10soldier cargo only
-Mi-8 Logistic : ammo and repair support, 2 soldiers cargo

>> The attack groups of Mi24 and Ka-50 are CAP+CAS+CAS+CAP<<

-EFFECTS : In Music (triggers or move), 8 Songs of the RedArmyChoir, to add a little boost to your troops